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Rabbit Holes & Community Lots

  • Rabbit Holes are buildings in which your Sims go inside but you have limited control over what they do and you cannot see inside. Work, Grocery Store, Bookstore, Day Spa, Art Gallery and School are all Rabbit Holes. While at work or school your Sim has the option to choose how much effort they want to put into their day. See the Career page for options. Rabbit Holes are placed on Community Lots and are objects that can be purchased in the catalog. Minor details such as Landscaping can be changed outside, however, you can't change the look of the actual building.
  • Community Lots act the same as they did in The Sims 2 & The Sims 1. You can see your Sims, tell them how to behave, who to interact with, and how to interact. The Parks, Gym, Beaches, and Pool are all Community Lots. Toddlers can visit Community Lots but cannot visit Rabbit Holes.

Outings to make your Sim happy

Community Lots and Rabbit Holes also have positive experiences for Sims with certain traits, careers, or skills.

Place Encouraged Traits Excluding Traits Careers Encouraged Skills Toddlers EP
Academy Athletic Couch Potato Athletic, MartialArts No World Adventures
Art Gallery Artistic Can't Stand Art Painting No Base Game
Beach Loves the Outdoors, Athletic Hates Outdoors Professional Sports Athletic Yes Base Game
Chinese Garden Couch Potato Martial Arts No World Adventures
City Hall Political Charisma No Base Game
Consignment Store No Ambitions
Dance Club Athletic, Party Animal, Daredevil Bookworm, Coward, Shy, Snob, Loner Music Dancing No Late Night
Day Spa Loves the Outdoors Couch Potato Athletic No Base Game
Disco Club Athletic, Daredevil, Party Animal Bookworm, Coward, Shy, Loner Dancing No Late Night
Dive Bar Athletic, Daredevil, Loves the Outdoors, Party Animal, Vampire Bookworm, Coward, Hates the Outdoors, Shy, Snob, Loner Criminal No Late Night
Exclusive Lounge Star Quality, Snob, Schmoozer, Dramatic, Charismatic, Ambitious Evil, Frugal, Loner, Neurotic, Over Emotional, Slob Film Charisma No Late Night
Fire Station No Ambitions
Fishing Angler, Loves the Outdoors Hates Outdoors Fishing Yes Base Game
French Market Couch Potato Charisma No World Adventures
Fusion Lounge Party Animal, Dramatic, Excitable Bookworm, Coward, Shy, Neurotic, Loner Professional Sports Charisma, Martial Arts No Late Night
Graveyard Hates Outdoors No Base Game
Gym Athletic, Daredevil Couch Potato Professional Sports Athletic No Base Game
Hangout Party Animal, Excitable, Childish Loner Charisma No Ambitions
Hospital Snob Medical No Base Game
Junkyard Inventing, Handiness, Logic, Collecting No Ambitions
Laundromat Neat Slob No Ambitions
Library Bookworm, No Sense of Humor, Genius, Hates Outdoors, Computer Whiz Couch Potato Journalism Writing, Homework Yes Base Game
Local Watering Hole Slob, Brave, Hot Headed, PartyAnimal Snob, Shy, Coward, Perfectionist, Loner No Late Night
Market Couch Potato Charisma No World Adventures
Movie Set No Late Night
Nectary Couch Potato Charisma No World Adventures
Parks Loves the Outdoors, Angler, Green Thumb Hates Outdoors Professional Sports Athletic Yes Base Game
Pool Hates Outdoors Professional Sports Athletic No Base Game
Poolside Club Athletic, Loves the Outdoors, Party Animal Bookworm, Coward, Hates the Outdoors, Shy, Snob, Hydrophobic Dancing No Late Night
Restaurant Natural Cook Frugal Culinary Cooking No Base Game
Salon No Ambitions
Shops Snob Bookstore Clerk, Grocery Store Clerk Athletic No Base Game
Sports Bar Athletic, Daredevil, Loves the Outdoors, Party Animal, Vampire Bookworm, Coward, Hates the Outdoors, Shy, Snob, Loner Professional Sports Athletic No Late Night
Stadium Athletic, Virtuoso Professional Sports Athletic Yes Base Game
Theatre Virtuoso Music, Journalism Guitar, Xylophone Yes Base Game
Vampire Lounge Dramatic, Evil, Flirty, Snob, Virtuoso, Loner, Artistic, Hopeless Romantic, Vampire Slob, Coward, Neurotic, Couch Potato Charisma No Late Night

Building a Perfect Outing

A Community Lot requires certain objects and/or a certain number of objects to qualify as the type of Community Lot you want.

  • Art Gallery - Requires a minimum of 16 Art type objects.
  • Graveyard - Requires a minimum of 4 graveyard objects.
  • Mausoleum - Requires 1 Mausoleum for a graveyard.
  • Fishing - Requires 1 pond.
  • Beach - Requires 1 beach object.
  • Library - Requires 12 Bookshelves.
  • Gym - Requires 4 Exercise objects.
  • Park - Requires 3 park objects. Note: Requires 10 for large park.
  • Pool - Requires 1 pool.

Public Displays of Affection

Rabbit Holes also give your Sim the opportunity to "Make Out", "WooHoo" or "Try for Baby". There is a chance of being caught by (I presume) building security. The chance of being caught appears to be 2% for all buildings, with a 50% success rate for getting pregnant. You must have the relationship level for woohoo. Select the building and choose the "Tour with..." option. Once inside click the building again and choose which public display of affection you would like.

Building Location Comments
City Hall Judges Chamber
Mausoleum Catacombs This appears to have only the "Make Out with..." option
Military Base Armory
Science Facility Test Chamber
Theatre Backstage

Rabbit Hole Sizes

Below is a table outlining the minimum grid sizes required to place each Rabbit Hole.

EP Rabbit Hole Grid Size
Base Game Bistro 15x15
Base Game Bookstore 10x14
Ambitions Bookstore 10x14
Late Night Bookstore & Spa 29x30
Late Night Business & Restaurant 23x23
Base Game City Hall 49x23
Riverview City Hall 33x22
Ambitions City Hall 48x21
Base Game Criminal HQ 22x22
Ambitions Criminal HQ 26x22
Late Night Criminal HQ 27x22
Base Game Hogan's Diner 18x11
Ambitions Box Car Diner 10x7
Barnacle Bay Deep Sea Diner 28x9
Late Night Film Studio 35x31
Base Game Hospital 33x26
Riverview Hospital 33x26
Ambitions Hospital 33x26
Base Game Military Base 42x42
Riverview Military Base 42x42
Ambitions Military Base 42x42
Base Game Mausoleum 7x10
World Adventures Mausoleum (China) 7x10
World Adventures Mausoleum (Egypt) 7x10
Ambitions Mausoleum 6x9
Base Game Office Block 22x22
Riverview Office Block 22x22
Ambitions Office Block 22x22
Base Game Police Station 19x21
Late Night Public Services Office  ?
Base Game School 37x20
Riverview School 35x21
Ambitions School 32x24
Late Night School  ?
Base Game Science Facility 35x21
Riverview Science Facility 35x21
Ambitions Science Facility 35x21
Late Night Science Facility 35x22
Ford Sky Diving Center 19x18
Base Game Spa 15x12
Riverview Spa 15x12
Base Game Stadium 50x32
Ambitions Stadium 50x32
Icon DrPepper.png Stadium  ?
Late Night Stadium  ?
Late Night Subway Station 4x7
Base Game Supermarket 17x13
Ambitions Supermarket 17x13
Late Night Supermarket 17x13
Base Game Theatre 17x24
Icon DrPepper.png Theatre 22X28
Late Night Theatre 34x36
Sims 3 Game Help Categories:

Custom Content  | Installation  | Gameplay Guides  | Technical & Graphics Issues  | Miscellaneous Issues

MTS Help Q&A Forums

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